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Lama Saree in Australia

Kids dress for cultural events

Lama Saree is a kid’s version of a Saree with nicely laid out frills around the neck and the waist. ( sometime called lama sari or lama sariya). These come in different sizes and an integral part of growing up with the Sri Lankan culture. Sometimes, this two-piece saree is referred to as ‘Half Saree’ too, as it come in two parts, one for the top and one for the bottom. Wearing two piece saree makes it easy for you girls to wear it, without worrying about draping a few yards of clothing around the body.

Dhamma schools and White Lama Saree

Sri Lankan Buddhist kids attend ‘Dhamma School’ or Daham Paasal to learn Buddhist scripture and Buddhist ways of living. This is really important in Australia as religion is not thought in school. Specially Buddhism in public school as part of design as well as due to lack of resources and kids wanting to learn Buddhism. Hence, attending Dhamma school has become important to Sri Lankan community in Australia.
White Lama Saree‘ is what young girls wear to Dhamma School, while young boys wear Sri Lanakan National Suit.

LakProducts Lama Sarees

At Lakproducts, we stock Lama Sarees and Kids National in our Australian Wearhouse and you can buy these online. The Items will be dispatched next day and you will receive this in few business days as per ‘Australia Post’ delivery guidelines.

Looking for lama saree , lama sariya or lama sari in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adalade. You have come to the right place. Order now to get your item on time for your next cultural function.


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