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Are you looking for Samahan tea in Sydney or to buy online. We are an importer of Sri Lankan origin products, and we sell Samahan Tea around Australia. We store Samahan in our Sydney store, with many other Sri Lankan origin herbal medicine. Link Samahan -is a 100% authentic herbal formulation which is clinically proven and safe and effective preparation for relief of cold and catarrh related symptoms. Extensive clinical trials have confirmed that regular use helps to prevent 15 common symptoms related to upper respiratory complications. Samahan uses 14 different Ayurvedic herbals as natural ingredients in order to provide you these benefits. Ingredients used in Samahan as per the   manufacture’s specifications are as below

Ingredients : Adhatoda., Galangal, Ajowan, Coriander, Veniwel, Cumin, Vishnukranthi, Liquorice, Pathpadagam, Long pepper, Black pepper, Siritekku, Katuwelbatu, Ginger

Conclusion from the Medical Journal Published by National Library of Medicine: link – National Library of Medine Medical Journal

This study has shown the immunomodulatory activity of a concoction of C. sativum and C. fenestratum by possessing both anti-inflammatory (inhibition of inflammation, nitric oxide, superoxide anion production, and membrane stabilizing activity) and immunostimulatory (enhancement of antibody production) activities. The markedly reduced nitrite levels and superoxide anion. Lack of iNOS gene expression in rat peritoneal cells and increased membrane stability may be the key immune cellular mechanisms which support this anti-inflammatory activity of the concoction. Furthermore, the significant elevation of antibody levels clearly supports the immunostimulatory activity. This also shows long-term protection against specific antigens. Therefore, this study for the first time scientifically validates the therapeutic claim of Sri Lankan traditional use of the concoction of coriander (C. sativum) and veniwalgata (C. fenestratum) for immunomodulatory effects.

Conclusion from the Medical Journal Published by National Library of Medicine: link – Ceylon Medical Journal

Introduction Many traditional preparations with varying combinations of herbs have been used for over 1500 years to treat upper respiratory ailments, reduce their incidence and severity. Link Samahan® is a formulation containing the extract of 14 such medicinal plants.

Objectives To test the efficacy of Link Samahan® in reducing the incidence and severity of upper respiratory symptoms in consenting healthy volunteers. Setting MAS Linea Aqua, a factory with over 3000 employees, having its own health care centre with a qualified matron and visiting medical officers.

Conclusions The results indicate that Link Samahan® taken as one sachet daily significantly reduces average incidence, incidence over time, and severity of 15 upper respiratory symptoms in healthy adults.


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